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Personal Injury Claims

Members face a barrage of adverts on the TV, in newspapers and texts encouraging us to pass a personal injury claim to anybody but UNISON. All of those services are accessed by telephone, they don’t require any form to be completed. If members with a personal injury claim think getting access to UNISON’s legal service is slow or bureaucratic and end up using lawyers other than those recommended by UNISON, members miss out on the real benefits they can access under our Legal Assistance Scheme.

  • A 100% free service for members for all accidents (no charges for disbursements like medical reports and no deductions of up to 25% from any compensation they may get)
  • A service that is also 100% free for any family member with a non-work accident
  • Specialist solicitors (not a jack of all trades)
  • A law firm that is committed to the union movement and only ever acts for the mistreated person – never for insurance companies and never for employers
  • A service that doesn’t cave in at the first sign of a challenge from the employer
  • Lawyers that don’t look for the quickest way out and take the first offer even if it isn’t for the right amount

Contacting Unison Direct’s freephone number makes the process simpler and quicker for you. It also enables the Union to support as many of our members and family members claims as we can, when you need our help.

To ensure our branches do not miss out on what we know is important information about workplace accidents we have extended the information that will be sent out at the outset of every case. Very shortly after you contact Unison Direct an initial acknowledgment letter will be sent out to your branch from our lawyers. This will set out the type of accident and where it occurred as well as who will be dealing with that case, to assist you in the vital work UNISON does around Health and Safety in the workplace. In addition Unison Direct remind members to always contact their branch in a work related accident to make sure branches are aware of and can act on any unsafe working practices.

So when you require help about personal injury claims in the future please contact UNISON Direct on freephone 0800 0 857 857.


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