AGM & Meetings

There will be an Annual General Meeting of the branch to elect branch officers and members of the branch committee.
This will be held between 1 January and 31 March.

Other general meetings may be called by the branch committee or by twenty members of the branch or five per cent of the membership; whichever is the greater.

The AGM will determine the basis of representation in the branch and the number of stewards to be elected in each work group or workplace.

The quorum for a general meeting shall be fifteen branch members.

Conduct of Meetings

a)  All meetings will be conducted in a fair and democratic manner.
b)  All meetings should be advertised widely as far in advance as possible.
c)  The procedures to be used at the meeting should be explained clearly.
d)  The branch shall set a quorum for branch meetings and branch committee meetings.
e)  The branch shall maintain records of meetings, financial records, books of accounts and other appropriate records to enable the branch to function.

Please Contact Us if you would like to see Minutes of the last AGM.