Pay Talks 2012 – Latest

The ballot forms in respect of the pay offer, issued by UNISON, GMB and Unite have now been counted.
Collectively there was a good return and a substantial rejection of the offer.
The Company has been informed of the result and we have a meeting with them on 12/06/2012 to discuss this further.
The Joint Trade Unions met with the Company on 12/06/2012 to see if they were prepared to improve their offer following our ballot.
The Company said that they would not and the Joint Trade Unions therefore notified them that we would now move to a ballot for industrial action.

The Company has proposed a meeting next week with the Joint Secretaries following a number of concerns which were raised by the trade unions. More will follow…

Imposition by Severn Trent of 2% pay award and a way forward – Andrew Johnson, with the agreement of Mike Dinneen and UNISON stewards, has written to update UNISON Severn Trent Water members on the current position of industrial relations with Severn Trent Water and to ask for feedback of their views on our proposed actions.
Members have been asked to complete and return the enclosed consultation document in the prepaid envelope provided by Friday 3 August 2012 so that UNISON  can ensure they have members support for our proposed way forward or alternatively revise our strategy in the light of members views.

See  Pay Award 2012 – A Way Forward  for the latest update on the Pay Talks 2012.

During any dispute it is essential that a proper control is placed on information that can come into the public domain.
It is important that all UNISON’s messages are consistent, truthful and targeted with the clear aim of ‘winning the argument’. For this reason it is necessary that only those who are trained in media relations ‘give the message’.  
To assist in this please do not contact newspapers, TV or radio about this dispute or discuss it on social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.  
If you are contacted by the media, please do not be tempted to provide a quote, even if ‘off the record’ and instead, direct any enquiry to Andrew Johnson at UNISON’s regional office (07903 870 786). 

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