Pay Award 2012 – A Way Forward

This is an update on where we are with the Company.  You will recall that UNISON sent members a letter explaining the situation with the imposition and seeking members approval for a course of action to avoid a repetition of this in the future.  It also gave an option for an industrial action ballot if no progress could be made with the Company.  Thank you to all those members who replied and took the trouble to include additional comments which are always useful – good or bad – and help the negotiators in their dealings with the Company..

As a result the members have given UNISON a mandate for it’s way forward and discussions have already commenced with the Company at a Joint Secretaries meeting which took place on 13/08/12.  The discussions were honest, constructive and will continue further with a half day meeting arranged to go into this in much more detail on 13/09/12.

You may be wondering what the situation is regarding the other trade unions?  Unite consulted their members in similar fashion to UNISON and they have also agreed with UNISON’s way forward.  The GMB has started the process for an industrial action ballot as the company will not improve on the pay offer.  UNISON gave it’s opinion on this in the last letter sent to you.

As a reminder, UNISON is seeking –

  • That both cost of living and reward for performance pay are included in the pay negotiations with an appropriate value given to the latter to reflect that it is not consolidated
  • An open book approach with regard to calculation of performance pay and the movement of the pay date to, say, 1st October to enable this to occur
  • An interim pay increase in 2013 so that members do not lose out because of the change of date
  • A joint review of pay and rewards across the Company to ensure that pay is fair compared to comparators elsewhere in the industry
  • That the Company guarantee not to impose future pay increases
  • That ACAS (the statutory Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) be involved in conciliating should an impasse arise in the future

In addition, whilst we reserve the right to take industrial action, the presumption would be against using or threatening this before all possible attempts have been made to reach a settlement.
Please contact me if you would like any further information.

Mike Dinneen

Branch Secretary

07880 786 741

See Pay Talks 2012  for the previous updates on the Pay Talks 2012.

During any dispute it is essential that a proper control is placed on information that can come into the public domain.
It is important that all UNISON’s messages are consistent, truthful and targeted with the clear aim of ‘winning the argument’. For this reason it is necessary that only those who are trained in media relations ‘give the message’.
To assist in this please do not contact newspapers, TV or radio about this dispute or discuss it on social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.
If you are contacted by the media, please do not be tempted to provide a quote, even if ‘off the record’ and instead, direct any enquiry to Andrew Johnson at UNISON’s regional office (07903 870 786). 

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