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Hello. My name’s Steve Pilkington. I’m the joint chair of the #customer & Business Support forum. I also happen to be the current Chair of Unison within Severn Trent Water. Welcome to the first of my messages from the wonderful world of #customer!

One of the biggest headlines for us over the last fortnight, it has to be said, is the recently announced joint venture between Severn Trent and United Utilities. As its title suggests, this is an initiative by both water companies to enter the non-household market when it opens in April 2017. After the announcement it became clear there were lots of unanswered questions being asked by a number of our members who are, understandably, very keen to have them addressed. These questions have a huge bearing on decisions they need to make during the next few weeks. Rest assured, we’re working hard with the other unions in Severn Trent to get the answers to your questions – our branch secretary, Paul Gibbons, along with Chris Hill of GMB met with HR last Friday and is liaising with our rep Rob Edgar in Business Services to communicate the key messages.

Your #customer reps also met last Friday at STC for a business forum pre-meeting. We spent most of the meeting discussing the joint venture plus other local concerns from around our sites. The main reason we hold these quarterly meetings though, is to decide agenda items for the #customer & Business Support business forum, more details of which you can find on Streamline at our shiny new site – Just copy #Customer & Business Support Business Forum and paste into the Streamline search bar.

The changes to our teams who deal with our more vulnerable customers are well under way and the vast majority of our members who were affected at Pride Park have moved across to other roles – a good result as we avoided job losses. We’ve also seen our colleagues at Post Processing at Finham redeployed into other roles or leave the company on favourable terms which was another success.

So on towards Easter and hopefully some decent Spring weather! Enjoy the bank holiday break.



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