Stay involved in UNISON – Become a Retired Member!

When you retire, life does not stop – and your role in your trade union can continue.

UNISON is unique among British trade unions in having a Retired Members’ organisation which mirrors the structure of that for working members. This means Retired Members can still participate at all levels of the union. Retired Members can attend branch meetings, and have representation on the Branch Committee and Regional Council, which has a member on the National Retired Members Committee.

The Retired Members’ Conference meets every year to enable retired members from branches to debate issues important to them. It has the right to submit two motions to the agenda of the National Delegate Conference.

As part of the biggest union in the country, you can continue to contribute towards our influential voice on a huge range of issues that affect you such as pensions, the health service and age discrimination. Ensure that your voice is heard for your sake and the sake of future generations!

There are also links with other pensioner organisations at home and abroad through which you can campaign.

The UNISON Severn Branch has a number of Retired Members’ Sections which you can join comprising :

  • Eastern Area
  • Headquarters Area
  • North Warwickshire Area
  • Southern Area
  • Western Area

Keeping in Touch

You will be able to keep in touch with former working colleagues through the branch and the regular “U” Magazine will tell you on the latest news and developments in the wider union. Each section organises a variety of activities, the content of which is determined by the views of the members concerned.  Social events, i.e. coffee mornings and outings are an integral part.

Membership Services & Benefits

You will continue to be entitled to the wide range of benefits that you received as a working member of UNISON such as :

  • Welfare Support
  • Legal Advice and Assistance (including the free Will service)
  • Preferential Mortgage and Insurance rates
  • Travel Club etc

Who Can Become A Retired Member?

You can if you’ve been a UNISON member continuously for at least 2 years prior the day you retire from employment, you are receiving a pension (work and/or state), and are not in any other paid employment.

How Much Does Retired Membership Cost?

A one-off fee of £15 made payable to UNISON CENTRAL WATER BRANCH will make you a retired member of UNISON for life.

How Do I Become A Retired Member?

UNISON Retired Members Application Form

Download and complete the attached UNISON Retired Members Application Form pdf document.

Please return the form to the UNISON Central Water Branch Office address at the foot of this page – including an email address for contact wherever possible.