Why Join?

Is there any point in being a UNISON member – I’ll get a pay rise whether I’m a member or not?

You can be in no doubt whatsoever that if UNISON wasn’t involved in pay negotiations there is no guarantee that you would be getting anything at all.  How do you think your workmates would feel about you getting a free ride off the membership subscriptions they pay?

Think it through:

  • There is nothing in your contract of employment which entitles you to any pay rise
  • Who would negotiate a pay rise for you – you?
  • Who would you negotiate with – your line manager, general manager, director or CEO?
  • Why would the Company bother to listen?
  • By not being a member you are in a very weak position with all the odds stacked against you
  • By not being a member you reduce UNISON’s ability to defend and improve you and your colleagues’ terms and conditions of service
  • By joining you help to make it stronger otherwise you would end up with a situation where everything would be imposed and this is why every member counts

Being a UNISON member is not just about a pay rise:

  • It is about sticking together through good and bad times
  • You probably have insurance policies on many things – why not your job?
  • Protecting your pension
  • Protecting and improving your terms and conditions of service
  • Protection when you get into trouble at work
  • Protecting you from harassment or bulling
  • Keeping you safe at work
  • Making sure that management listen to you
  • Getting decent working conditions
  • Legal assistance when you need it and much more

Did you know:

  • That almost every piece of safety legislation is as a result of union campaigns?
  • That without UNISON it is unlikely that there would be a minimum wage?
  • In STW it was the unions which persuaded the Company to scrap the corrupt appraisal system and forced through a change in the pay banding system to remove the anomaly of unconsolidated payments at the top of the pay bands
  • Other companies are cutting pay, asking employees to work for nothing, making redundancies, cutting conditions of service, closing pension schemes, imposing short term working etc.  This is either not happening in STW or the effect is restricted because of the unions