Recruitment Incentive

Become a recruiter – help keep us strong
UNISON’s role as Britain’s largest trade union ensures our place at the negotiating table. Whether backing you up at work or weighing in on a national policy issue, UNISON draws its strength from its numbers.

Face-to-face recruiting has proven to be the most effective way to attract new members. This means that existing members share with others what they know and like about their union. There is no better representative than you.

A recruitment fee of £10 per member, once three consecutive monthly subscription payments have been received from a new member, will be payable to any branch member who recruits another member.

Learn more about how to approach potential members below.

First impressions
Recruiting can be fun and rewarding if you’re prepared to put the work in.

Why is recruiting important?
One of a steward’s most vital jobs is recruitment. Organised workplaces give UNISON greater clout with other trade unions in the same environment.

Tips on successful recruiting
UNISON branches develop their own recruitment strategies and carry materials that help promote UNISON. But you can help recruit at any time.
UNISON’s TV ad campaign of 2014 provided an excellent springboard for a concerted round of recruiting. Read about how the different regions used the ad to maximise membership growth.

Recruitment materials
We have created a range of materials to help in your recruitment endeavours, including the ‘Your Friend at Work’ campaign. On this page you’ll find logos, application forms, Your Friend At Work images and the “10 Good Reasons” leaflet in 15 languages!