Branch Secretary Report 11/05/15

Hi All
Hopefully you will all have received your Ballot forms to your home address to complete after the pay talks.
The pay talks this year were ran over 2 days, after the first day no settlement could be found. At the end of the second day we came out with a 2.25% offer to be consolidated and payable to all negotiable allowances.
With the way RPI has dipped in the past months this was seen as a reasonable offer with UNISON and GMB are recommending acceptance. On 29th April we organized a Stewards meeting to discuss the offer.
This year the company also brought the new design of the future Bonus scheme for the joint unions to view following Liv’s communication on a fairer more transparent scheme.
The new scheme is using the same metrics for all. So our measures will be the same as the Directors as it will for the Layer 1 staff which will give a transparent system. This new scheme was noted by the Unions and will take effect in 2016. This year we will still operate the same process as past years.
In the paytalks this year the company asked for us to help with company design and reorganizations. We as joint unions fed back the views of our members and the Company value this.
We fed back concerns on the S2L process and some possible concerns on new contracts etc which could potentially have a knock on effect to our bonus and performance. Following this a meeting was set up with Helen Miles (Group commercial Director) to discuss our concerns. It was good to see the concerns we are raising are getting to the senior level. So from that if any of you have concerns in your area that will really affect company performance let me know and I’ll get them raised.

For our members that were in the WPS (defined Benefit) pension scheme this is now closed and everyone migrated across to the new company DC scheme. This did also see all the other schemes migrate to this scheme. Hopefully through the company educational sessions and talks everyone is up to speed with the changes and what the changes mean for them. If there are concerns please raise and I will be able to get the queries sorted through STW pension department who are very helpful.

Forward facing cameras in company vehicles. This is starting to gain momentum now with more departments having these fitted. We as Unions back this from the H&S view in keeping our members safe. Where we do find an issue is what the footage will be used for.
This system was rolled out to the Sludge tanker fleet last year, we wrote a policy to protect our staff against action being taken against them. The footage was to be used for road traffic incidents only with Drivers consent. So any concerns please contact me.

Over the past week there have been some real successes from our challenges to the company which have made a real difference to our members. This as happened in both Wholesale operations and Customer care so we are there to challenge and get the fair outcome when challenges arise. In all fairness to STW they have been supportive of the company design challenges when we explain the impacts on company performance.

So from me over the past several weeks we have done a lot of work to help our members and real feel like we are making a difference.

Any Feedback can be sent via Email to

Sue Wood.

Paul Gibbons. UNISON Severn Trent. Branch Secretary.


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