Branch Secretary report 20/10/14

Hi All.

A busy few weeks has just passed and no doubt, until the end of the settling down of the new organization that we are all facing, this will not change.

Space to Lead

Last week we sat down as the Company Forum to run through the objectives for the reorganistion. Most things we have heard before such as Pace and clarity in decision making which we have all suffered from in our day jobs. With the objective being 5 layers of management in the future where today this can be as much as 10 in some areas. Duplication of roles with the combining of Water and Waste is also area where there may be reduced roles.

The expectations at last weeks meeting were all drawn up at the start to answer questions on several subjects. To mention a few:

  • What does Enhanced redundancy look like
  • Who can volunteer to leave
  • The Selection process
  • Appeals process
  • Location changes
  • Who is included

The few points above are just an idea of what we need to get through. As many of us who have been in this position before can appreciate, it is a very unsettling time and we need to be mindful of our colleagues.

WE&T Seminar at Harrogate took place over the weekend of 10th – 12th October. Kevin, Tariq and Paul W represented the branch. On Friday night the Seminar started with a presentation from Catherine Ross the CE of OFWAT. What I’ve heard since is she runs a hard line on the Water Companies so no doubt even more challenges in the future. We will have reports shortly from the Seminar for you all to read.

WE&T Regional meeting took place last Thursday. There was update from all areas but the major point is the WE&T training day that’s taking place at Livery St on Saturday 1st November. Contact Sue if you want more info.

It would be great if I could hear back from any Stewards / Members with any concerns or just clarity needed on some topics. I will do my best to answer all but if I can’t straightaway I will certainly get back to you all.

One thank you on this occasion is for Wendy Bown in IS. Last Thursday Wendy got to hear of an announcement which at that point had not gone to Joint Secs but was said that the Unions had been consulted. After several calls this was changed. The communication went out, but now is subject to consultation. This looked like I was holding information from Wendy and her colleagues.

One area we seem to be slipping with is Recruitment. This was a topic at the Regional WE&T showing that our figures have dropped.

So now we have Terry with us we need to make best use of him to help.

Any Feedback can be sent via Email to

Sue Wood


Paul Gibbons.


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