Branch Secretary report 17/11/14

Hi All.


The packing is going well in Branch Office getting ready for the move to Birch Coppice. All phones lines and the internet service will be operational on Monday 24th November which is the first day in the new location. A huge amount of work has been carried out by Phil James and Sue making sure all the addresses and numbers are correct to go live in the new office. It’s now time to move on from Park Lane as we are the last staff to leave it’s not a nice feeling being there. Nothing like it was in the good old days with the Canteen open – Some great memories there.


Consultation on Space to Lead is still moving at pace. Today 17th November the announcements are starting for the Business Leaders (old Level E). This will now start to take shape for the rest of the organizational design to take place.

Some good news this week on the Space to Lead newsletter is that the unaffected work groups were announced and that is something that we have been asking for. Going forward we need to settle and inform all of our members ASAP as we are aware that this is a very unsettling time.


Over the past 2 weeks I have been to a Liv on Tour event at Stoke which was well attended. Liv’s drive and enthusiasm is plain to see and will change the way that Severn Trent work for sure. This is a complete change to the way things were done.


Steve Pilkington invited me to the Customer Care Business Forum which was a very educational morning for me and the team present was keen to hear my feedback which is great in this time of constant improvement. The Forum was great and some challenging conversations both ways which is healthy debate. There will be some more changes in this Forum early next year but its great engagement to hold a meeting at this time. Good work to Steve and the team.


Regional Council was last Thursday at the usual venue of Austin Court. Myself, Kevin Clarke and Alan Gray attended for the branch. There is a lot of Public service debate at these meetings with Health, Local Government and Council representatives present. The main point from this was a lengthy presentation from Ravi Subramanian Regional Secretary about the challenges facing us and the Union in times to come.

Recruitment is key to the strength of the so we all need to keep on recruiting. If there are any areas that anyone knows that the recruitment team can visit please let me know.


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