Branch Secretary Report 15/01/15

Happy New Year.

First newsletter of 2015. 2014 finished with a lot of work for the stewards with the Space 2 Lead reorganization moving at speed.

Stewards have been attending appeals and working along with HR to find the best way forward for our members.

The 6th January all the joint Unions met to discuss what was required as part of the 2015/16 pay claim. A good meeting, great discussion by all the stewards from the 3 recognized Unions in STW.

Questions were raised on the following.

  1. One year or multi year deal.
  2. Straight forward % claim?
  3. Appointed persons additional payment.
  4. Improved Standby payment

These were some of the points raised so Andrew Johnson will build our claim to submit to STW in March.

This week I have been to the quarterly WISC Meeting at UNISON centre. This meeting is where all the Water companies send their representatives to update UNISON and each other on what’s happening nationwide within our industry.

We all have the one thing in common at this time great challenges due to the OFWAT price determination and reorganizing.

Common Themes amongst us all are.

  • Major changes in Call Centres for improved efficiency and call handling.
  • Facilities for mobile workers.
  • Vehicle tracking and Telematics.
  • New smart phones / Tablets for mobile workers with location services. Tracking. Also improved planning
  • Some companies are bringing back contracts in house, such as Grounds Maintenance and Field Service Mechanical / Electrical services.
  • Paying the living wage. Are all the water companies paying?. If so are our contractors receiving this.

On Tuesday 3rd February we will be holding next Branch Executive meeting at Livery Street.

The Branch AGM date will be published once the Venue and the guest speaker have been finalized.

Any Feedback can be sent via Email to

Sue Wood.


Paul Gibbons.


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