Branch Secretary Report 09/12/14

Hi All.


Since the last Newsletter we are now set up in the new branch office at Birch Coppice.

After being at Park Lane now for a number of years it’s great to have such modern facilities. You will see a change in contact details for Branch Business below.


Space 2 Lead update

We are nearing the end of our planned consultation meetings. With layer 4, 1-2-1’s starting on w/c 1/12/14 the phones have been very busy and I have to say a huge thanks to the Stewards for picking up the questions / queries and a lot of extra work dealing with HR and the appeal process.

The next stage will be all the remaining layer 5 employees having 1-2-1’s next week so this will conclude the positioning. From that point we will work hard with the business to get the best possible outcomes for our members at this very difficult time.

The latest communication on Space 2 Lead there currently is154 approved VR positions. This hopefully will increase so we do not get to a position to go through the CR route for our members.


Legal Case

The Lock v British Gas case where the payment of average pay for holidays is being pursued by UNISON. We are currently seeking further guidance on the implications and have spoke to Severn Trent with our other Union partners. The final decision on this is some time off as there will be further rulings to take into consideration.



Meeting to discuss the 2015/16 pay deal is now planned in on Tuesday 6th January @ GMB Office in Halesowen. Any feedback is welcome before this date.


Branch Contact details

UNISON Branch Office

Severn Trent Building

Arley Drive

Birch Coppice Business Park


B78 1SA



Phone: 02477 715 700


Regulation changes

Shared parental leave

The Shared Parental Leave Regulations 2014 came into force on 1 December 2014 and apply in respect of babies expected to be born on or after 5 April 2015.

The regulations provide that, subject to qualifying service of 26 weeks at the 15th week before expected birth, parents can share maternity leave as they choose, subject to the mother taking the first two weeks. In other words they can share the remaining 50 weeks of leave and 37 weeks of pay as they choose. However, only the mother can take six weeks at 90%.

This could mean taking time off at the same time for example at the time of the birth, both working part-time for the majority of the leave, the father taking time off at the birth and then later. However all of this is dependent on the employer’s ability to deal with such flexibility.

Each parent must give eight weeks’ notice of his or her intention to take the leave (for the mother this is in addition to notice for maternity leave). There is no need for each employer to contact the other.


Any Feedback can be sent via Email to


Sue Wood.



Paul Gibbons.


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