Core Values

I Never Knew That

  • Anyone in Severn Trent has the legal right to belong to a trade union and members work in all levels of the Company – including senior managers.
  • Severn Trent encourages all employees to join a trade union.
  • There are three recognised trades unions with whom Severn Trent negotiates – UNISON, GMB and Unite.
  • The majority of your terms and conditions of service have all been negotiated by trades unions.
  • Much of today’s health & safety legislation originates by pressure from trades unions wanting to protect their members and the public.  In fact most social legislation such as the minimum wage, maximum working hours, pension rights etc. is a direct result of trades union campaigns.
  • Representation of employees in Severn Trent takes place through the Company Forum and more directly through the business forums.  The Company Forum is made up of senior trades union representatives (stewards), directors and senior managers.  It is responsible for such things as negotiating pay, conditions of service, consulting on employee relations policies, health & safety, company re-organisations, financial performance, strategic planning  and oversight of the business forums.
  • There are business forums to cover every department in the Company.  Each business forum is made up of stewards and senior and middle managers.  They examine departmental policies and performance, working practices, change management, health & safety, staff concerns, improvements to terms and conditions of service etc.
  • Stewards have a legal right to carry out health & safety inspections in addition to existing arrangements such as Risk and Safety Audit Teams (RASATS).  RASATS operate most effectively with trained stewards taking part.
  • Stewards have a legal right to training and time off with pay to help them carry out their duties.
  • A steward will receive professional training and gain experience in skills such as employment law; counselling; chairing meetings; negotiating; persuasion; resolving conflict; analysis; communications; team working; leadership; advocacy.  All of which are recognised and appreciated by Severn Trent as a valuable part of your personal development.
  • Trades union activities are a recognised target in appraisals.